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Summer Modding Contest V



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Post February 28th, 2010, 5:41 pm

Summer Modding Contest V


It is with the most amazing pleasure that I continue with hosting my 5th and annual Summer Modding Contest!

Summer Modding Contests started as a new concept a few years ago, I remember everyone being like "what?" when I posted a "summer" modding contest in plain winter.
This time, I had already promised, after the failure of the fourth one that I'd no longer host any contests, but just like the first SMC this Summer Modding Contest V also starts with a new concept, Stacraft 2 Modding.

That's right, The first Stacraft II Modding Contest

Is it modding only?
No, Stacraft II allows you to make map specific mods, if you want you can just mod a specific maps (Could add some interesting gameplay as a map specific mod) or you can just really make a mod.

Are you going to be judge again and as harsh as the previous times?

What's the purpose of this?
The previous times were "revive modding", "We want another contest", "modding revolution", "save modding before SCII".
This time, OBVIOUSLY, is to encourage, promote and START Stacraft II modding.

How do I join?
Just communicate in any way you can the words "I'm in" to me and you'll be in

Can I join?
Sure, as always, everyone is invited!

Any guidelines?
Sure, here you go.

- Mods must be submitted before the deadline. Given that Stacraft II isn't even out yet and hopefully blizzard doesn't postpone the release date you will have one year. Yup, One full year to buy SCII, learn how to mod SCII, and make the first mods in SCII history.
As an addition you are provided a counter till deadline: official timer.
- You must say in advance that you are going to participate, if you quit you will have to let me know. But I strongly recommend you not to enrage me by quitting.
- You must not submit an already made mod (not that there willa ctually be any :P), and this time you may submit one that It's already in progress.
- Team work is encouraged, however, if you're going to make a team project I don't recommend more than 2 persons. In fact, seeing other SMC examples I will not allow this time more than 2 people working on the same team. One contestant can be in no more than two teams as well. Or maybe 3 but 1 has to be an artist and not a modder.
- No Entry Fees, please don't send me money even if you know my adress.
- You may submit updates, as in post a topic and show us your work and buy the judge and the people. Also read below.
- Contradicting above you should not make you mod public, what if somebody steals your ideas? But if you want to take the risk go for it!

Judging Criteria
Was your mod easy to create? was It hard? It will be taken into consideration.
This will be worth: 15 Points

What exactly did you do? Did you just edit a few units? Was It a TC? If you just modded a zergling you will be judged with that zergling. oh.. just imagine...
This will be worth: 20 Points

How well does your mod run? Does it have Glitches?
This will be worth: 10 points

Is your mod a copy of another mod? This will be highly evaluated.
This will be worth: 30 points

Fun & Balance
Is Your mod fun? boring? another important thing highly evaluated. Note that balance is an important part of fun.
This will be worth: 15 points

Here, will be considered if you just modded in game content or if you stopped and took some time to edit bins menus, other graphical stuff and so on. Basically all the things that no one never bothers modding like AI, Terrain...
This will be worth: 10 points


You'll grow old and quit stacraft but future generations will look down and say "FUNGUSCRAFT II IS AMAZING!" and others will say "IT SUCKS" whichever is the case you have the opportunity to become part of Stacraft's 2 modding history! So the prize will be GLORY!

Have fun! Sign in! and create the best mods ever!
Unofficial Mod Night:


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Post March 1st, 2010, 12:44 am

Re: Summer Modding Contest V

I'm going to submit a StarCraft I mod if I submit anything at all. I wish I had a StarCraft II beta key. :<


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Post March 5th, 2010, 5:11 pm

Re: Summer Modding Contest V

If I actually decide to buy SC2, you can count me in. Also, I call doing the first fleet mod.

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